Compiling from Source

Basic Requirements

  • FreeBASIC Compiler version 0.24 or higher
  • GNU Make


The recommended (and only supported) build method on Windows is using the MinGW Environment that provides a unix-like shell and build tools. You can get the latest version on the mingw-get download page. You will also need to add the FreeBASIC compiler directory to the path so you don't have to provide the complete path to fbc.exe each time. If you are unsure how to modify



The FreeBASIC Extended Library contains preprocessor APIs for the instantiation of templates, which are pieces of generic code in the form of user-defined macros.

One (typical) benefit of templates is that they can minimize code duplication. For example, say that there is some procedure, an algorithm, that iterates through a range of UByte elements in an array:



ext/Algorithms provides various generic algorithms for manipulating ranges of elements, that is, elements that are stored in memory contiguously, generally denoted by a pointer to the first element in the range, and a pointer to just past the end of the range. The algorithms are generic in the sense that they can work with ranges of elements of various kinds -- even UDT objects -- though, in general, the algorithms have certain minimum requirements of the elements they manipulate.


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